GPS Chemicals Portal

Through ICCA, the chemical industry is committed to the safe management of chemicals in their entire life cycle. This commitment is developed mainly through two global programs: Responsible Care and the Global Product Strategy (GPS).

GPS advocates a combination of regulations and voluntary programs to harmonize the global level of product safety assessment. Its flagship feature is the Chemicals Portal, which offers the general public and ICCA members direct and free access to product stewardship information. Through this Portal, ICCA aims to increase public confidence that the chemical industry fulfils its voluntary commitments and its regulatory requirements. ICCA believes that better public access to relevant information on chemicals in a risk-benefit format will increase public awareness and will lead, in turn, to greater accountability on the part of the chemical industry.

The GPS Chemicals Portal

From Acetate to Zinc, product safety summaries are available for a large quantity of chemicals. To date, close to 4,500 summaries are available and the number of substances covered on the Portal is increasing daily.

Take a look for yourself: 

All ICCA member companies and associations are welcome to register to the GPS Chemicals Portal, in order to contribute products safety summaries. Click here for more information on how to proceed.

Main Other GPS Features

ICCA’s efforts are focusing on:

  • Defining a “base set of information” for chemicals in commerce
  • Sharing relevant information through safety summaries
  • Promoting a tiered process for evaluating risk and identifying appropriate risk management actions for chemicals in commerce
  • Extending the guidance for safety assessment (e.g. ICCA Product Stewardship   Guidelines) on a global scale
  • Helping to define safe use conditions for chemicals and provide guidance to companies to enable them to meet safe use conditions
  • Measuring industry performance and reporting against the SAICM KPI
  • Improves product stewardship cooperation with downstream customers of the chemical industry
  • Supports partnerships with intergovernmental organizations and others to enhance product stewardship
  • Enhances outreach and dialogue with customers, the public and other stakeholders

ICCA will share GPS information with governments to meet regulatory requirements, and improve industry performance in countries where such regulations are not yet in place. Along the way ICCA will provide capacity building for smaller and medium-sized enterprises in our industry, as well as downstream customers and governments in developing countries. GPS aims to reduce existing differences in the safety assessment of chemicals between developing, emerging and industrialized countries.