Responsible Care Members


Member type: RCLG

Chemical industry
Output of the Venezuelan chemical industry represents 10% of the country’s total GDP. Products fall into three main sectors: basic petrochemicals, intermediates and consumer products.  Total sales for 2008 reached $4.9 billion with petrochemicals accounting for 60%. While there are more than 350 chemical companies, just 15 of them account for 62% of turnover; and 70 companies account for 70% of total sales.  Exports account for 38% of the chemicals turnover figure, and represent 22% of all Venezuelan non-oil exports; 82% of exports go to North and South America.  Petrochemicals represent 70% of chemical exports, with growth driven by the availability of raw materials from the country’s oil and gas industry sector.

National association
The Venezuelan Association of the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry (ASOQUIM) currently has a membership of 120 chemical manufacturing companies representing about 80% of the total turnover of the local chemical industry.  Of these, 42 companies employ less than 10 workers, and 26 employ more than 50.  At end 2008, 25 member companies had signed up to Responsible Care. ASOQUIM works in close cooperation with other organizations such as the Chamber of Industry and the National Federation of Chambers, and with government agencies including those covering transportation, water and air quality, health and drug control.

One of the main goals of ASOQUIM is to provide education and training to the industry on safety, health and environmental issues. ASOQUIM is also involved in raising member companies’ awareness of best practices in logistics, materials handling, human resource promotion and social responsibility.