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United Arab Emirates

Member type: GPCA + RCLG

The petrochemical industry in the Arabian Gulf
The Arabian Gulf region has emerged as a global hub for the production of chemicals and petrochemicals. Over the last few decades, the regional industry has been on a consistent and exponential expansion drive, growing at an average CAGR of 12%.The Chemicals Industry is the second largest manufacturing sector in the region and produces a worth of 97.3 billion USD. The industry directly employs more than 138,700 people. 

About GPCA
The Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) represents the downstream hydrocarbon industry in the Arabian Gulf. Established in 2006, the association voices the common interests of more than 230 member companies from the chemical and allied industries, accounting for over 95% of chemical output in the Gulf region. The association supports the region’s petrochemical and chemical industry through advocacy, networking and thought leadership initiatives that help member companies to connect, to share and advance knowledge, to contribute to international dialogue, and to become prime influencers in shaping the future of the global petrochemicals industry. Committed to providing a regional platform for stakeholders from across the industry, the GPCA manages six working committees – Plastics, Supply Chain, Fertilizers, International Trade, Research and Innovation, and Responsible Care – and organizes six world-class events each year. The association also publishes an annual report, regular newsletters and reports.One of the GPCA’s advocacy priorities is the implementation of the industry’s Responsible Care commitments. GPCA adopted the Responsible Care Initiative in December 2009, bringing this important global industry initiative to the Arabian Gulf. GPCA’s Responsible Care Program has the flexibility to incorporate current and future global initiatives and programs in a manner consistent with regional demands and requirements.GPCA also takes the lead in developing industry image building initiatives related to plastics and pursues the GCC regional and international advocacy agenda.  The association strives to be a key player in implementing Global Initiatives and programs sponsored by ICCA and other stakeholders. GPCA aims to develop strong relationship with other regional and national industry associations and aspires to continue serve as the main channel between the chemical industry in GCC and various regional and international entities.

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