Responsible Care Members


Member type: ICCA observer + RCLG

Chemical industry
The Russian chemical sector includes more than 800 large and medium sized industrial enterprises, and about 100 scientific and research organisations. It accounts for 4.5% of Russian industry.

Chemical and petrochemical enterprises are located in 49 regions of Russia and in 2007 employed about 740,000 people. Current development of the sector is taking place under the 2007-2015 strategic plan.

National association
The Russian Chemists Union, RCU, is a non-commercial organization bringing together chemical manufacturers, scientific institutes, trade unions and chemicals-related associations. RCU has around 600 members. It is actively involved with businesses and the authorities eg on REACH issues, and over the past few years has developed its cooperation with ICCA, Cefic, the Finnish chemicals federation and other international organizations, becoming the 53rd member of the ICCA’s Responsible Care Leadership Group in 2007.