Responsible Care Members


Member type: Full Member (through Cefic) + RCLG

Chemical industry
The chemical industry in Poland accounts for nearly 10% of the value of total sales for the whole industry and 8.2% of manufacturing industry sales. It employs more than 100,000 people. Polish chemicals production accounts for a significant part of that of Central and Eastern Europe and within the EU as a whole (1,9%). Total value of sale in Polish chemical industry achieved 23447,6 mln Euro.  Privatisation and essential consolidation of the sector needs to continue to bring Poland’s chemical industry in line with more advanced EU economies.

National association
The Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, PIPC, has more than 70 members with different activities including manufacturing, trade, transportation and R&D. Member companies are involved in many sub-sectors covering broad production profiles, and together contribute more than 40% of total Polish chemicals output and 80% of refining industry.

Key activities of PIPC include:

• improving the competitiveness of member companies

• consolidation and further integration of chemical companies to influence government economic policy with special regard to customs, tax and energy

• promotion of sustainable development with special regard to Responsible Care implementation

• cooperation with government authorities;

• cooperation with non-governmental organizations;

• cooperation with international organizations and government institutions from other countries.

• participation in advocacy process at the EU and national level