Responsible Care Members

New Zealand

Member type: Full Member + RCLG

Chemical industry
Local and multi-national chemical companies in New Zealand manufacture and import a comprehensive range of industrial chemicals and consumer products.  The sector includes development of innovative agrichemical products. Major product categories include sanitizers and cleaners for the dairy and food processing sectors and ingredients for pulp and paper and wood treatment.
Exports on a global scale include hydrogen peroxide, methanol and specialty fertilizers.

Provisional industry figures for the year to November 2008 value chemical imports at  NZD10.4 bn (approx  € 5.2 bn), rising to NZD 13bn including plastics and rubber products.  Exports for the period are valued at NZD 3bn, rising to NZD3.6bn including plastics and rubber.  These figures are roughly 2.4% up on the previous 12 month period.

National association

The New Zealand Chemical Industry Council (NZCIC) represents 130 member companies and partnerships which supply approximately 90% of the country’s hazardous substances through chemicals. They include leading multi-nationals as well as SMEs, and employ over 25,000 people. 

NZCIC helps government agencies to monitor compliance with workplace health and safety and environmental protection legislation. It assists with successful implementation of world class chemical control and management legislation, incorporating the UN GHS for classifying and labelling chemicals.
New Zealand is a proactive participant in ICCA and RCLG activities, assisting national associations to improve their Responsible Care activities.
Members and partnerships comprehensively represent the chemical supply chain from offshore and local manufacturers through to waste treatment and disposal operators.

The NZCIC co-operates with government and business organisations to:

Provide technical advice

Develop and maintain superior workplace health and safety and environmental protection legislation and national performance standards

Deliver specialist training in managing hazardous substances
Provide innovative management practices and solutions to enable and encourage compliance with New Zealand’s workplace EH&S protection regulations.

The Council provides businesses and key government agencies with a comprehensive range of unique ‘compliance tools’ including Third Party site assessment and accreditation, a 24/7 chemical emergency response and advisory service, Approved Codes of Practice, and chemical compliance software.