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Chemical industry
Israel’s chemical industry is the second largest industry after the high-tech and electronics sector by turnover and number of employees. It employs about 26,000 people. The industry includes exploitation of Israel’s natural mineral resources, and the manufacture of basic raw materials, intermediates for various industries including agriculture, and manufacture of consumer products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and cleaning products. In the field of pharmaceuticals and plant-protection chemicals, Israeli companies are the world’s leading generic manufacturers. The basic chemical industry in Israel is engaged, among other things, in the production of minerals from the Dead Sea such as: potash, bromine, magnesia and metal magnesium. The industry also processes a range of raw materials and manufactures intermediates with high added value for various industries.

The EU is the sector’s main export market with over 30%. Both basic chemicals and pharmaceuticals are the main products exported and amount to over 50% of total chemical exports. 

National association
The Manufacturers’ Association of Israel (MAI) represents 1300 various industrial companies and is the only industrial association in Israel. MAI represents Israeli industrial companies to parliament, government ministries, and administrative agencies etc.

The Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Society is part of MAI and comprises 130 companies dealing with basic chemistry, fertilizers, oils and fuels, detergents, paints and dyes, pesticides and herbicides, and pharmaceuticals. Nearly 100% of the local chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers are members;  some 80% are SMEs.