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Chemical industry
The chemical industry is the third largest industry in Finland in terms of both gross output and value added, just after the forest industry and the metal, engineering and electronics industry. It employs 39.000 people and comprises a number of core areas ranging from relatively mature industries to such new high tech industries as the bio-industries. The core fields are forest industry chemicals, chemicals for agribusiness, industrial chemicals as well as paints, plastic products, environmental products, petrochemicals, oil products, and biotech chemicals.

The chemical industry is a key export sector in Finland. The share of the chemical industry in Finnish exports has settled at about 10 per cent. It was valued at EUR  9.2 billion in 2007 .
EU is the main market for the Finnish chemical industry. The position of Sweden as the most important export market for the Finnish chemical industry is still strong. Russia has become one of the most important export countries.

National association
The chemical industry federation of Finland (KT RY) represents about 300 chemical companies, SMEs being the biggest in number. It covers chemical industry sectors as petroleum products, basic chemicals, plastic and medical products, paints and printing ink. Its mission is to advance the operating conditions of the member companies in the field of industrial and labour market policy. The Chemical Industry Federation works flexibly in close co-operation with organisations representing the different chemical industries as well as other industries and industry as a whole.

The membership of the federation is drawn from all sectors of the chemical industry from basic chemicals to manufactured chemical products.