Responsible Care Members


Member type: GPCA + RCLG

Chemical Industry
GPCA is the sole regional trade association representing the common interests of the Petrochemicals & Chemicals producers in the Gulf Region. The Association represents more than 90% of the petrochemicals and chemicals production in the Gulf.

National association
Responding to the need for a regional presence with a global involvement, Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) was established in March 2006 to coordinate the work of petrochemical and chemical companies on issues and programs of regional and international interests. GPCA’s membership comprises of companies, involved in all aspects of the chemical and petrochemical industry, which employs a substantial high percentage of knowledge scientists, engineers, and workers than any other industry. GPCA provides a platform for its member companies and stakeholders, to turn knowledge into innovation.

Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) adopted the Responsible Care Initiative in 2009, thereby, bringing this important initiative to the Gulf and Middle East Region. GPCA’s Responsible Care Program has the flexibility to incorporate the current and the future global initiatives in a manner consistent with the regional demands and requirements. GPCA presently counts 139 Members from 22 countries representing the regional and global producers of petrochemicals & chemicals, and their services providers.