Increasing public concern about the health and safety of chemical products and their effect on the environment has galvanized our industry into providing more information about the substances we produce.  Industry’s commitment to health, safety and environmental performance, to improved chemicals management, and to increased transparency is clearly embodied in the following initiatives.


Responsible Care

Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s unique “ethic”, enabling the global chemical industry to continuously improve its health, safety and environmental performance.

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National Chinese chemical industry group joins Responsible Care® Leadership Group as full member  
The China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) formalized its commitment to the International Council of Chemical Association (ICCA) and was accepted as a full member of the association’s Responsible Care Leadership Group (RCLG), to further promote environmental, health and safety performance and sound chemicals management in the world’s largest economy.

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Energy & Climate Change

Given that chemical products and technologies are used in a wide array of energy-saving and renewable energy applications, the chemical industry offers significant potential to help society achieve greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions.

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High Production Volume

The major benefit of ICCA’s High Production Volume Chemicals program is that it delivers globally-harmonized, internationally-agreed data sets and initial hazard assessments that are recognized under national and regional programs.

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Welcome note from ICCA President Mark Rohr  
Welcome note from ICCA President Mark Rohr

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Long-Range Research Initiative

The global goals of the chemical industry’s Long-range Research Initiative are to increase the knowledge of the potential impacts that chemicals may have on the health of humans, wildlife and the environment.

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